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2024 Publications:

  1. D. Zhong, C. Wu, Y. Jiang, Y. Yuan, M. Kim, Y. Nishio, C. Shih, W. Wang, J. Lai, X. Ji, T.Z. Gao, Y. Wang, C. Xu, Y. Zheng, Z. Yu, H. Gong, N. Matsuhisa, C. Zhao, Y. Lei, D. Liu, S. Zhang, Y. Ochiai, S. Liu, S. Wei, J.B. Tok, Z. Bao, “High-speed and large-scale intrinsically stretchable integrated circuits”, Nature, 627, 313-320, 2024.  
  2. A. Zhang, S. Zhao, J. Tyson, K. Deisseroth, Z. Bao, "Applications of synthetic polymers directed towards living cells", Nat. Synth., 2024.
  3. C. Zhao, J. Park, S. E. Root, Z. Bao, "Skin-inspired soft bioelectronic materials, devices and systems", Nat. Rev. Bioeng., 2024.
  4. Y. Wu, Y. Yuan, D. Sorbelli, C. Cheng, L. Michalek, H.-W. Cheng, V. Jindal, S. Zhang, G. LeCroy, E. D. Gomez, S. T. Milner, A. Salleo, G. Galli, J. B. Ashbury, M. F. Toney, Z. Bao, “Tuning polymer-backbone coplanarity and conformational order to achieve high-performance printed all-polymer solar cells”, Nat. Commun., 15 (1), 2170, 2024.
  5. S. C. Kim, X. Gao, S. Liao, H. Su, Y. Chen, W. Zhang, L. C. Greenburg, J. Pan, X. Zheng, Y. Ye, M. S. Kim, P. Sayavong, A. Brest, J. Qin, Z. Bao, Y. Cui, "Solvation-property relationship of lithium-sulphur battery electrolytes", Nat. Commun., 12 (1), 1268, 2024.
  6. N. T. Vo, T. U. Nam, M. W. Jeong, J. S. Kim, K. H. Jung, Y. Lee, G. Ma, X. Gu, J. B. Tok, T. I. Lee, Z. Bao, J. Y. Oh, “Autonomous self-healing supramolecular polymer transistors for skin electronics”, Nat. Commun., 15 (1), 3433, 2024.
  7. Y. Shi, C. B. Cooper, T. Nogusa, J.-C. Lai, H. Lyu, M. Khatib, C. Xu, L. Michalek, Z. Bao, "Shape-memory-assisted self-healing of macroscopic punctures via high-energy-density periodic dynamic polymers with tunable actuation temperature", Matter, 7, 2108-2124, 2024.
  8. L. Wei, M. D. Hossain, G. Chen, G. A. Kamat, M. E. Kreider, J. Chen, K. Yan, Z. Bao, M. Bajdich, M. B. Stevens, T. F. Jaramillo, “Tuning two-dimensional phthalocyanine dual site metal-organic framework catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 146 (19) 13377-13390, 2024.
  9. S. Tan, D. Kuai, Z. Yu, S. Perez-Beltran, M. M. Rahman, K. Xia, N. Wang, Y. Chen, X. Yang, J. Xiao, J. Liu, Y. Cui, Z. Bao, P. B. Balbuena, E. Hu, “Evolution and interplay of lithium metal interphase components revealed by experimental and theoretical studies”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 146 (17), 11711-11718, 2024.
  10. C. Wu, D. Zhong, W. Wang, Y. Jiang, Y. Nishio, Y. Yuan, Q. Liu, J. B. Tok, Z. Bao, “Strain-induced performance variation in stretchable carbon-nanotube thin-film transistors and the solution through a circular channel design”, IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, 71 (5), 3411-3416, 2024.

2023 Publications:

  1. Y. Jiang, S. Ji, J. Sun, H. Hung, Y. Li, G. Zou, T. Salim, C. Wang, W. Li, H. Jin, J. Xu, S. Wang, T. Lei, X. Yan, W. Y. Peh, S. C. Yen, Z. Liu, M. Yu, H. Zhao, Z. Lu, G. Li, H. Gao, Z. Liu, Z. Bao, X. Chen, “A universal interface for plug-and-play assembly of stretchable devices”, Nature, 614 (7948), 456-462, 2023.
  2. W. Wang, Y. Jiang, D. Zhong, Z. Zhang, S. Choudhury, J. C. Lai, H. Gong, S. Niu, X. Yan, Y. Zheng, C. C. Shih, R. Ning, Q. Lin, D. Li, Y. H. Kim, J. Kim, Y. X. Wang, C. Zhao, C. Xu, X. Ji, Y. Nishio, H. Lyu, J. B. Tok, Z. Bao, "Neuromorphic sensorimotor loop embodied by monolithically integrated, low-voltage, soft e-skin", Science, 380 (6646), 735-742, 2023.
  3. C. B. Cooper, S. E. Root, L. Michalek, S. Wu, J. C. Lai, M. Khatib, S. T. Oyakhire, R. Zhao, J. Qin, Z. Bao, "Autonomous alignment and healing in multilayer soft electronics using immiscible dynamic polymers", Science, 380, 935-941, 2023.
  4. A. Zhang, K. Y. Loh, C. S. Kadur, L. Michalek, J. Dou, C. Ramakrishnan, Z. Bao, K. Deisseroth, "Genetically targeted chemical assembly of polymers specifically localized extracellularly to surface membranes of living neurons", Sci. Adv., 9, eadi1870, 2023.
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  6. H. C. Wu, S. Nikzad, C. Zhu, H. Yan, Y. Li, W. Niu, J. R. Matthews, J. Xu, N. Matsuhisa, P. K. Arunachala, R. Rastak, C. Linder, Y. Q. Zheng, M. F. Toney, M. He, Z. Bao, "Highly stretchable polymer semiconductor thin films with multi-modal energy dissipation and high relative stretchability", Nat. Commun., 14 (1), 8382, 2023.
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  8. K. Kim, Z. Bao, “A skin sensor that can rapidly recognize hand-based tasks with limited training”, Nat. Electron., 6, 8-9, 2023.
  9. S. Kim, J. Wang, R. Xu, P. Zhang, Y. Chen, Z. Huang, Y. Yang, Z. Yu, S. T. Oyakhire, W. Zhang, L. C. Greenburg, M. Kim, D. T. Boyle, P. Sayavong, Y. Ye, J. Qin, Z. Bao, Y. Cui, "High-entropy electrolytes for practical lithium metal batteries", Nat. Energy, 8, 814-826, 2023.
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2022 Publications:

  1. J. Li, Y. Liu, L. Yuan, B. Zhang, E.-S. Bishop, K. Wang, J. Tang, Y. Zheng, W. Xu, S. Niu, L. Beker, T.-L. Li, G. Chen, M. Diyaolu, A. Thomas, V. Mottini, J.-B. Tok, J.-C. Dunn, B. Cui, S.-P. Pașca, Y. Cui, A. Habtezion, X. Chen, Z. Bao, "A tissue-like neurotransmitter sensor for the brain and gut", Nature, 606 (7912), 94-101, 2022.
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2012 Publications:

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2011 Publications:

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