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Masters and Undergraduate Students

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Ms. Michelle Li

Michelle Li

Year in joining group: 2021, Undergraduate
Primary Lab: Hiesinger Lab

Home Department: Chemical Engineering
Research Interest: Biomedical devices for drug delivery to the heart
Hobbies: Traveling, design, cooking/baking


Ms. Gradie Ngaruka

Gradie Ngaruka

Year in joining group: 2021, Undergraduate

Home Department:
Research Interests: polymer semi-conductor and solution shearing for organic semiconductor thin film.
Hobbies: Reading, Watching movies, cooking, TikTok, and card games.


Mr. Pranav Gurusankar

Pranav Gurusankar

Year in joining group: 2021, Undergraduate

Home Department: Computer Science
Research Interests: Flexible bioelectronics for therapy of facial palsy, and for expedited wound healing
Hobbies: food, tennis, cycling, Wikipedia rabbit-holes


Mr. Jason Phong

Jason Phong

Year in joining group: 2020, Undergraduate

Home Department: undeclared
Research interest: Conductive hydrogels and capacitive pressure sensors
Hobbies: music, running, food, and TV



Mr. Michael Kao

Michael Kao

Year in joining group: 2019, Undergraduate Student

Home Department: Materials Science and Engineering
Research interest: Stretchable organic batteries
Hobbies: Chicken wings, music production, cycling, art museums