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Professor Bao is awarded 2022 ACS Chemistry of Materials Award

Recipients are honored for contributions of major significance to chemistry.

Sponsor: DuPont

Citation: For contributions in pioneering the development of skin-inspired electronic materials to enable next-generation consumer electronics, wearables, medical devices, and batteries

Current position: K.K. Lee Professor of Chemical Engineering, chair of Chemical Engineering Department and by courtesy, professor of chemistry and professor of materials science and engineering, Stanford University

Education: Undergraduate education, Nanjing University; PhD, organic chemistry, University of Chicago

Bao on her most memorable project: “A seed project on building a skin-like wearable for mental health monitoring. I led a team with participants from psychiatry, global health, law, computer science, bioengineering, electrical engineering, and chemical engineering. The mental health issue impacts one in five Americans. Building such a wearable is very meaningful, but highly challenging. It took almost 4 years to build it, and we are finally testing it on patients.”

What Bao’s colleagues say: “The materials that Zhenan has contributed are immense. She is undoubtedly a world-leading expert in organic and polymeric soft matter electronic and energy materials, with a focus on their molecular design, processing and developing new applications and their interface with biology and medicine. She is someone who is permanently and constantly changing how people think in this field.”—Antonio Facchetti, Northwestern University

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