In the Laboratory


Jiang Ying, Sanghyun Hong, Sangwon Ko, Atsushi Tatami, Rajib Mondal work on synthesizing materials for applications in solar cells.

Postdoctoral scholar Dr. Tony Sokolov and graduate student Johnson Olasupo test flexible sensors under a liquid environment in our in-house developed experimental setup.

Graduate student Maria Wang, Randy Stoltenberg and Steve Park operating the Dip-pen Nanolithography machine for nano-electronics.

Graduate student Debora Lin examines her micro-fluidic samples for biomedical related applications.

Graduate student Jiang Ying synthesizes new organic materials for flexible solar cell and electronics.

Postdoctoral scholar Dr. Joon Hak Oh, operates the high vacuum thermal evaporator as Dr. Hector Becerril and Dr. Wei Peng load the samples in the glovebox.

Graduate student Sangwon Ko, and postdoctoral scholar Rajib Modal test organic solar cells in our in-house solar simulator setup.

Graduate student Gaurav Giri performs device testing on organic transistors using the semiconductor parametric analyzer.