Mr. Anatol Ehrlich

Year entered Stanford: 2017

M.S. Institution & Major: ETH Zurich, Switzerland; Process Engineering
Undergraduate School: ETH Zurich, Switzerland; Chemical Engineering
Research interest: Flexible, transparent electronics
Hobbies: Rugby, DJ, Skiing






Mr. Zhiyuan Liu

Year entered Stanford: 2017

Ph.D. Institution & Major: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Materials Science and Engineering
Advisor: Prof. Chen Xiaodong
Undergraduate Institution & Major: Harbin Institute of Technology, China; Thermal Physics
Advisor: Prof. Liu Linhua & Prof. Zhao Junming
Research Interests: Bio-interface devices, Soft stretchable electronics.
Hobbies: Swimming, hiking, reading, writing.

E-mail: jy521 at


Dr. Park Kihoon

Year entered Stanford: 2017

Company: Samsung Display, South Korea

Ph.D. Institution: Materials science and engineering, Arizona State University, USA  
Advisor: Prof. Dieter K. Schroder
Research Interests: Flat Panel Displays, Organic Thin Film Transistor, Flexible & Stretchable Electronics

E-mail : pkhoon at


Dr. Qiuhong Zhang

Year entered Stanford: 2016

PhD institution: Nanjing University, China
PhD advisor: Prof. Xudong Jia
Research interests: Self-healing polymer, rheology
Hobbies: Table Tennis, Fishing, Cooking               

E mail: chemzqh at




Dr. Youngjun Yun

Year entered Stanford: 2016

Company: Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), South Korea

Ph.D. Institution: School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, Durham University, UK  
Advisor: Prof. Michael Petty
Research Interests: Flat Panel Displays, Organic Thin Film Transistor, Flexible & Stretchable Electronics

E-mail : yjyun at


Mr. Takatoshi Munaoka

Year entered Stanford: 2016

Company: Sony Corporation, Japan

M.Eng. Institution&Major: Kyushu University, Japan; Material Physics and Chemistry
Advisor: Prof. Sunao Yamada
Research Interest: Design ideal electrode interface for next-generation batteries
Hobbies: Making furniture, Drinking, Golf, Baseball, Travel

E-mail: tmunaoka at


Mr. Jiheong (James) Kang

Year entered Stanford: 2016

M.S. Institution & Major: The University of Tokyo, Japan; Chemistry and Biotechnology
Advisor: Prof. Takuzo Aida
Undergraduate Institution & Major: Seoul National University, Chemistry
Research Interests: Bioresorable electronics, stretchable electronics.           

E mail: jiheong at




Dr. Toru (Matty) Katsumata

Year entered Stanford: 2015

Company/Institution: Asahi Kasei Corporation, Japan
Ph.D. Institute & Major: Kyoto University, Japan; Department of Polymer Chemistry
Advisor: Prof. Toshio Masuda
Research Interest: Design and synthesis of polymer semiconductor

E-mail: tkatsu at



Dr. Raphael Pfattner

Year entered Stanford: 2014

Ph.D. Institution: Materials Science Institute of Barcelona, Spain
PhD. Advisors: Prof. J. Veciana, together with Profs. C. Rovira and Dra. M. Mas-Torrent
Undergraduate Institution & Major: Graz University of Technology, Institute of Solid State Physics, Austria.
Advisor: Prof. E. J. W. List

Research Interests: Organic conductors, organic semiconductors, field-effect transistors and sensors

E-mail: pfattner at

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