Mr Masashi Miyakawa

Year joined group: 2018

Institution: NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories
Ph.D. institution and major: The Tokyo Institute of Technology,
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Adviser: Prof. H. Iino
Research interests: Flexible and stretchable electronics, Printed electronics, Displays
Hobbies: Traveling, Swimming, Beer,

Email: masashim at


Prof Yixuan Wang

Year joined group: 2018

Ph.D. Institution, Major: Nankai University, Tianjin, China; Organic Chemistry
Advisor: Prof. Wenping Hu
Research Interests: Supramolecular self-assembly for stretchable and flexible electronics
Hobbies: Badminton, Basketball, Singing

E-mail: rwwyx at



Prof Minoru Ashizawa

Year joined group: 2018 & 2012-2013

Company/Institution: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Position: Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Institution & Major: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Organic and Polymeric Materials
Advisor: Prof. Takehiko Mori
Research Interests: Development of new organic semiconductors and molecular conductors for organic devices
Hobbies: Football, skiing (First-class ski license from SAJ), and baseball watching (favorite team: Chunichi Dragons)

E-mail: mashizaw at


Mr. Yamada Takayuki

Year joined group: 2018

Company/Institution: Japan Patent Office
M.Institution & Major: Department of Metallurgy and Ceramics Science , Tokyo institute of technology, Japan
Research interest: stretchable electronics
Hobbies: golf

E-mail: ytaka at



Mr. Yuto Ochiai

Year joined group: 2018

Ph.D. Institution and Major: Yamagata University, Organic Materials Science
Advisor: Prof. Tomoya Higashihara
Undergraduate Institution: Yamagata University, Polymer Science and Engineering
Research Interest: Conjugated Polymer, Controlled Synthesis, Organic Electronics
Hobbies: Motorcycle, Volleyball, Traveling

E-mail: yochiai at


Dr. Thomas Oehlund

Year joined group: 2017

Ph.D. Institution & Major: Mid Sweden University; Engineering Physics
Ph.D. Advisor: Prof. Haakan Olin
Undergraduate Institution & Major: Umeaa University, Sweden; Engineering Physics
Research Interests: Nanomaterials, inkjet printing, flexible electronics, paper-based functionality
Hobbies: Photography, hiking, travelling

E-mail: thoohl at


Dr. Naoji Matsuhisa

Year joined group: 2017

Institution: Nanyang Technological University, Materials Science and Engineering
Adviser: Prof. Xiaodong Chen

Ph.D. institution and major: The University of Tokyo, Electrical
Engineering and Information Systems
Ph.D. adviser: Prof. Takao Someya
Research interests: Stretchable electronics, Printed electronics,
Organic semiconductor devices
Hobbies: Basketball, Beer

E-mail: naoji at