Professor Bao was called one of the thirteen most impressive professors at Stanford University. Business Insider wrote this about her:

Dr. Bao, professor of chemical engineering, and her team have been investigating and improving "e-skin" since 2008. The paper-thin yet strong and flexible skin-like material is designed to function just as human skin does. Bao is on sabbatical this quarter but will return next quarter to teach Equilibrium Thermodynamics.

She's director at Bao Research Group where she hopes their findings will lead to a new generation of robots and prosthetics that enable touch. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers honored Bao with the Andreas Acrivos Award for Professional Progress in Chemical Engineering in 2014. She's also a co-founder and on the Board of Directors for C3 Nano, a startup based on her research.

Business Insider also named Stanford University the top university in the U.S., making Prof. Bao one of the most impressive professors in the U.S.!

Congratulations, Professor Bao!